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ACT! Version Comparison


Version Features

ACT! 17

  • One-way Syncing with Outlook provides safe "address book" and "calendar" syncing between ACT & Outlook.
  • Improved Smart Tasks allow you to trigger emails based on click-thru responses to SwiftPage email campaigns.
  • Improved Smart Tasks can also be configured to set "limited access" to contacts based on field values so your database security can manage itself.
  • Create unlimited Browse login users without additional licensing
  • Integration with external file storage services like DropBox and Google Docs.
  • Attaching a photo directly from your mobile device to your database
  • Improved Database Management with ACT! for Web as you can now import CSV files, cut new RDB files, and lock/unlock your database through the web
  • Disabling view of Inactive Users allows you to archive old users without having to see them when scheduling
  • Improving Deployment with enhanced "silent install" features

ACT! 16

  • Calculated Fields & Age Calculators
  • Improved Company & History Management
  • Improved HTML5 Features for ACT! Premium Mobile with Mobile email & Group, and Company Management
  • Tablet users will enjoy the optimized “Tablet View”
  • Improved Database Management with ACT! for Web as you can now define fields and layout from Web
  • Re-scheduling multiple activities
  • Scheduler Email Results if a backup or maintenance fails.
  • Office 2013 and Google Chrome compatibility

Sage ACT! 2013

  • Sage ACT! Premium Mobile now includes Opportunities
  • Social Updates, view customers last 25 posts made on LinkedIn and Facebook from their contact record
  • Smart Tasks now run offline and include data/field triggers for automatic updates
  • Optimized download and install experience, identifies and installs missing technology components
  • Usability improvements based on customer feedback
  • New wizards to help create a remote database, moving and sharing a database
  • Mobile clients work with Android Device Browsers 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, and 4.0, and Safari for iPad and iPhone iOS4 and iOS5

Sage ACT! 2012

  • Sage ACT! Premium Mobile, real-time access to Sage ACT! Premium contact and calendar details from iPhone, iPad or Android device introduced with SP2 (April 2012)
  • Automatically post e-marketing messages to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with Social Sharing (April 2012)
  • Sage ACT! Scratchpad, a convenient, virtual notepad
  • Expanded Universal Search
  • Seamless interaction with Gmail
  • Google Contacts and Google Calendar. sync
  • Mobile access to Sage ACT! contacts and calendar with Sage ACT! Connect
  • Connections Page provides central access to web-based services, including Sage Connected Services
  • Works with Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4
  • Sage ACT! Connect
Sage ACT! 2011
  • Smart Tasks, which is like workflow, only easier
  • Leads with Sage Business Info Services for ACT! powered by Hoovers
  • Microsoft Outlook contact and calendar sync with both ACT! for Windows and ACT! for Web
  • Direct import from Excel, no .csv required, as well as "on-the-fly" field creation during imports
  • Works with Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows® 7
  • Upgraded to work with SQL2008
  • Improved Email security that controls whether sensitive "user-to-user" emails are attached to ACT! History
 Sage ACT! 2010
  • View LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Google Maps and more from within Sage ACT! under the new "Web Info" Tab 
  • Email marketing with Sage E-marketing for ACT!
  • Reports view
  • Simplified navigation that provided a consistent look across ACT! for Windows and Web
  • Welcome page with feature tours, help, and news from Sage
  • Customizable opportunities
  • Dramatically Improved ACT! For Web as mail Merge with Word is supported and over all speed increased
  • Support for iCalendar
  • ACT! Mobile Live (later became Sage ACT! Connect)
 Sage ACT! 2009
** no longer supported
  • Related contacts
  • Seamless interaction with Microsoft® Outlook® email
  • Fast Access to previous lookups
  • Group and Company Security
  • Improved Database Synchronization monitoring
  • Sage ACT! included ACT! Scheduler
 Sage ACT! 2008
** no longer supported
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Duplicate checking by first and last name
  • Duplicate checking for groups and companies
  • Advanced Queries for groups and companies
  • Support for custom tables introduced with SP2
 Sage ACT! 2007
** no longer supported
  • Upgraded to use SQL 2005
  • Last email field
  • Specify linked contact and company fields
  • Field-level security (Premium only)
  • En masse security for notes, history, and opportunities
 Sage ACT! 2006
** no longer supported
  • Customizable opportunity field names and types
  • Citrix and Terminal Services
  • Automatic database backup and sync
 Sage ACT! 2005
** no longer supported
  • Completely re-written & upgraded to run with SQL2000 from Foxpro
  • Multi-select values
  • Customizable drop-downs
  • Rich text formatting
  • Attach documents to activities, notes, and history
  • Groups with dynamic group membership
  • Company records
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Opportunity list view
  • Instant quotes using supported versions of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Sample sales processes
  • Graphical sales pipeline
  • Preformatted reports
  • Export to Excel
  • Query-based sync

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