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Steps to ACT Hosting


Login and start using
your online ACT

Database, and or
restore the remote
ACT database we
send you.
Please note that a
remote database will
only be provided if one was requested with
your Hosting sign-up
form, and is part of
your selected subscription.

Depending on the size
and complexity of your database, and the time
of day you complete
the onboarding process,
it typically takes
24-hours to complete
the setup.

Please note the software installation, database restores, and configuration on customer computers are NOT included with your hosting fees, but available for an extra fee.

Please review the following easy to follow steps for onboarding to our unique ACT Hosting services. If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to contact our office for clarification or a more detailed quotation.
Each icon at the steps 1-4 will link you to the appropriate webpage with more detailed information on that step.
STEP #44

Upload Database File
(if required).
New databases can skip this step as we will create the database for you, and provide the login information requested.

If the backup of your database is more
than 2GB's in size,
than please allow a day
to complete the
upload, download,
and restore

Please note that your subscription covers one database only. Discounted rates are available for additional databases. 


Please note that service related to software setup on customer computers, including installation, configuration, and database setup, are not included with the base hosting fee.

Complete Hosting
Sign-Up Form, and be
sure to provide all licensing, user, deployment ,and
admin login information requested.

For new databases, you can provide details for up five login users, and the rest you can create online after the database is deployed.

An incomplete application can cause delays in processing. Please call
our office if you have questions.

* Review ACT Hosting packages & rates
* Make selection which
is best for you and
your business (you
can also call our office and request a quotation)

and purchase hosting selection, or accept
a quotation from us, if
one was provided.


* Review Hosting
Terms & Conditions.



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