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Getting Started with ACT for Windows

How To Unpack and Restore a Remote Database for Synchronization

You or your team has just signed up for the Keystroke ACT hosting program, and after you've uploaded your old database (or we've created you a new one), we send you local subscriber databases called RDB's (Remote Database Backups), and you would like to know how to unpack and restore this .RDB file created for remote sync users from the Publisher database.
The following video and step by step illustrative instructions will help you get started.

How to restore an ACT RDB - Video
The following is a Video Demonstration of how to restore and configure and RDB for use with the ACT Windows client. This demo also covers how to configure your Outlook for integration with ACT.

How to restore an ACT RDB - Step-by-Step illustrative guide
Restoring an RDB for use with the ACT Windows client

Important Note: If you are synchronizing a database, ensure that you and your sync partners are using the same version and edition of ACT!. You can verify your installed version number by clicking About ACT! from the Help menu. The version number is displayed near the upper-right corner. The edition is displayed at the top of this dialog box as either ACT! Premium for Workgroups or ACT! for Windows.

A Remote database must be created for each remote user you are synchronizing with. This database file contains all the Contacts, Notes, Histories, Activities, and Opportunities included in the Sync Set. It can also contain supplemental files and attachments. A Remote database has a file extension of .RDB and is generally very large. You can create this .RDB file on your computer or the remote computer that it will be used on. Because of the large size, you will normally not be able to e-mail this .RDB file as an attachment. For example; when supplemental files and attachments are included, a Remote database created for the ACT7Demo database will produce a file that is over 7MB (megabytes) in size. Recommended methods of delivering the .RDB file are to burn it to a CD, or use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Site.

Unpack and Restore Remote Database:
Remote users will need to unpack and restore their remote database before they will be able to synchronize. Use the following steps to unpack and restore a remote database:

Note: Before beginning this process, ensure the RDB file has been copied to the local harddrive.
  1. Click the File menu, point to Restore, and then click Database. The current database closes as the Restore Database dialog appears:

  2. In the Select type section, enable Unpack and Restore Remote Database, and then click OK. The Restore an ACT! remote Database dialog box appears:

  3. Click the Browse button at the Select the remote database file to restore field, browse to and open the remote database (.RDB file). At the Database Location field, click the Browse button and (if necessary) browse to the directory that you wish to restore the database to. You may enable the Share this database with other users option here, if necessary.
  4. Click OK. A Restore Database progress indicator appears as your remote database is restored.

  5. The following ACT! dialog will appear once the restoration has successfully completed.

  6. Click OK.
  7. To open this database, click the File menu, and then click Open Database, or click the Open Database button. An Open dialog box appears.
  8. Navigate to (if necessary) and Open the database (.PAD) file.

Note: Unpacking and Restoring the .RDB file will create the .PAD, .ALF and .ADF files that make up an ACT! database.



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